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Using Virtual Reality in Class

Virtual Reality can now be the Actual Reality in your School!

Welcome to SMART’s guide on how to use our virtual reality in your classroom. Virtual reality technology has the potential to transform the way students learn, making it more immersive, engaging and effective. With SMART’s virtual reality platform, you can take your students on virtual field trips, explore scientific concepts in three dimensions, and create a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

We don’t require super special equipment.

Many providers want to lock you into their VR ecosystem, where our technology simply requires any Android-compatible device and an off-the-shelf VR headset. You can use a phone you already have, and any VR headset that your phone fits into. These headsets are typically around $25-$50, or less if purchased in bulk.

Here are some tips on how to get started with using virtual reality in your classroom:

Choose the right VR platform: SMART’s virtual reality platform is designed specifically for education, offering a range of immersive and interactive learning experiences. Choose a platform that is designed for education to ensure that the content is appropriate and aligned with your curriculum.

Choose your equipment: To use virtual reality in your classroom, you’ll need a VR headset and a compatible device. SMART’s platform supports a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and VR headsets. You may also need additional equipment, such as controllers or sensors, depending on the content you want to use.

Introduce virtual reality to your students: Before you start using virtual reality in your classroom, it’s important to introduce the technology to your students. Explain how it works and why it’s a valuable tool for learning. Students may need to be reminded not to walk around with their headsets on, for their safety. You should also monitor their first lessons to ensure they don’t forget they’re in VR.

Plan your lesson: To ensure that your virtual reality lesson is effective, plan it in advance. Choose a topic that is appropriate and engaging for your students, and select the appropriate VR content from SMART’s platform.

Monitor your students: While virtual reality can be an exciting and immersive experience, it’s important to monitor your students to ensure that they are staying focused and engaged. Make sure that they are following the instructions and staying on task.

Using virtual reality in your classroom can be a powerful tool for transforming the way your students learn. SMART’s platform offers a range of immersive and interactive learning experiences that can help to engage your students and enhance their learning outcomes. Start exploring the possibilities of virtual reality today!